6 weeks in the UK

Hey y’all, we’re all sleeping 20 hours a day to get ready for our big thrilling tour all over the UK…! Just kidding, we just wish we were sleeping that much. We’re starting off in the Shetland Islands – wow, can’t believe we get to go there! Then going around Scotland, good places in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and dropping by Wales before heading into England. We finish up at the Bath International Festival – last year we kicked off the festival, this year we will be helping to wrap it up!

Can’t wait to see familiar places & faces – and there’s always room for new friends in the Wilders club!

And hey… did you know we have a kicking new album coming out? It’s so very personal and shows a whole new level of what The Wilders is all about.

Or aboot, depending on where you live!

See some of ya soon… and American friends, we’re coming to see some of you this summer/fall, too! Stay tuned…