March 2012 Newsletter: “The Wilders” nominated for IMA Award!

Here’s the March 2012 newsletter … click here to view it in its full form, or read the abbreviated version below…

Howdy folks, Betse here… we just heard that we were nominated for an Independent Music Award, for best album! In 2008, we received this very award for “Someone’s Got to Pay”, so it’s exciting to be nominated again. The IMAs also feature a Vox Populi voting award system, so you can be involved in the process too. Last time, we won both Vox Populi and judge’s award for best album. We’d be grateful for your help again this time.

Here’s a link to the IMA nominee list… if you registered last time, you should be able to just sign in again and they’ll tell you when the voting opens.

So we just came home from two incredible experiences. We played Wintergrass, for the fifth time, and went to Alaska, for the third time. Wintergrass was amazing. Our Saturday night dance set turned into a superstar jam with a bunch of talented guests… if anyone sneaked any video, we’d love to hear from you!! Then, on Sunday, we did something that will forever be a special milestone. We performed two of our own compositions with the Seattle Youth Symphony, as part of a concert featuring several amazing Wintergrass artists and the inspiring kids making up the Symphony. Ike and I got to do our own scoring for “Mid November” and “Riverboat”. Oh, it was incredible to hear the sensitive and artistic performance of both of these pieces. Ike really went to town on the Mid November scoring – it sounded like a movie soundtrack! I tell you, as someone who grew up playing in orchestras, this was a dream come true. You can find some pictures on the Wintergrass Facebook page

And Alaska – it’s like a dream every time. We are so lucky to have the friends we do up there. They made it possible for us to get there from Seattle, and we played a really fun big dance concert, a blast of a house concert, and of course a big finale at the famous historic Alaskan Hotel Bar. That place is something else. We loved every minute of our visit and we’re so grateful to our good Alaskan friends.

So… now, the hiatus really starts. What are we all up to? Ike’s happy at home with his family, and working on some music projects with friends in Pennsylvania; Nate’s having great family time too, and playing music with friends, both acoustic and electric (in his punk rock band Switchitter); Phil’s an audio/video pro, traveling and working conferences, and also doing some recording and producing (drop us a line if you want to contact him for a project!); and I’m playing in three bands in Kansas City (Blessed Broke, The Sawyers, and a new small group project with Howard Iceberg), and I’m also touring some solo shows, doing workshops, and collaborating with friends in different parts of the country. We’re none of us bored! But it’s a bittersweet time, for sure. There’s nothing like that Wilders magic. Now, pssst… this summer we will play twice in the KC area… June 29-30, save the dates!

We’ll keep you posted about any other excitement… in the meantime, be well, and be happy, and know THE WILDERS LOVE YOU.

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  1. Thanks for the update on Wintergrass and Alaska, Betse.

    Good Luck to the Wilder’s for the IMA Award.

    We are gonna vote for you!!!

    Betty & Norm

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