December 2011 Newsletter

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Hi folks,

Ike here, with some news for ya.  After 12 years of the Ike, Betse, Nate, and Phil show, we’re gonna take a well-deserved break.  I believe the Funk & Wagnalls word for that is “hiatus”…basically a fancy way to say we don’t know what the future holds, but we know we’re gonna be giving The Wilders some time off to check out life from a different focus and direction for a year, and then see how we feel after that.  We do have some shows in December around home, and have a few special select performances planned for 2012. 
Friends, the last 12 years have been the most amazing experience…we wish we could sit you down and tell you all the tour stories, let you stand in the middle of this outrageous band while we’re playing and feel the fire, let you see from the stage all the welcoming and rocking faces that make every night meaningful, and throw you in the van so you could come visit all the big parts of the world we’ve been so lucky to see.  We are so thankful to all of you:  our fans, our friends, and our families…we could never have done any of this without your support and love.  That is the one thing we know for sure. 
And another thing:  we have to give a big hearty thank you and hug to our long-time agent, Mary Brabec.  We could have never achieved what we have without you.  You made opportunities magically appear for us and always took the extra step in spreading the Wilders love.  Thank you, Mary.
We are really proud of our most recent album, “The Wilders”… it was released earlier this summer on Free Dirt Records.  John Smith, label owner, is another true believer and we thank you, John, for putting out this album, and for all you’ve done for us too.  Phil produced it, and we wrote and played our hearts out and we’re really proud of what we made.  Maybe ya wanna check it out, if ya haven’t already… you can see and order it on our site … the No Depression blog gave it a thumbs-up recently, and we appreciate that.  
So, now what?
Well, let’s enjoy and see what happens (good advice for almost any situation).   We’re not doing a “farewell tour” or anything like that…”hiatus”, remember?  But if ya want, come on out and see us before we take our break.  We’re gonna play a little bit in December with our St. Louis friends, Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three.  Look for us in St. Louis, Lawrence, KS and Columbia, MO.  Then we head down to the Ozarks for a couple of shows, too…Hey, just check out the tour page …it knows more than we do.

We do have a few goodies booked for 2012 and we’re excited about those.  Keep an eye on the tour page for the announcements… but in 2012, for the most part, we all get to see again (for better or worse) what a Wilder-less year looks like.  Could be cool…or could be nasty…or anything in between.  We’ll just have to see…
Everybody knows bands don’t stay together forever…except the Rolling Stones…and the wonderful polka band formed out of the dust of the Korean War and northern Minnesota, “Dutch” Drebbel and his Fiddle-Faddle Fellahs (actually, we made that up…but it probably exists anyway).  But the good thing is:  music lasts forever.  Thank you for listening to ours, and for inspiring it as well.  We really couldn’t have done it with out you.
Much love to y’all… we are THE WILDERS from KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI!!!  Thanks for listening.
Your pals,
Ike, Betse, Nate, and Phil

4 Replies to “December 2011 Newsletter”

  1. Ike,

    Thank you for writing that informative blog.
    We can certainly understand the Wilder’s taking a hiatus.
    We will miss you and the music.
    No matter what 2012 holds, we hope it will be a good year for you all.

    Norm and Betty Wade

  2. What a fantastic show at Liberty Hall Friday evening. The Wilder’s were absolutely exceptional. We hadn’t seen them play for quite some time, and what a tremendous thrill it was to see them again.

    The Pokey LaFarge band was very entertaining too. It was an evening well spent from the beginning to the “special” ending.

    Good Luck Wilder’s no matter what the future holds.
    We love you Betse, Ike, Nate and Phil,

    Norm and Betty Wade

  3. While the two of us totally understand why you would need a break after all the high-energy concerts during your busy schedule, we will really miss you visiting Ireland. It was the one thing we were already talking about and we usually plan things about an hour ahead of time. We have enjoyed you for the past three years in Letterkenny after the first time we just tripped across your show. All the luck in the world, no matter what the outcome of your break, but let’s hope we see you again in 2013 and I’ll try to have a bottle of “corn squeezin’s” for your return.

  4. Guys,

    I just listened to your latest release again and I’m going to listen again and again. Hurry Back.
    Merlefest is a gas you know. You knocked us out in the Dance Tent.

    I get an idea of how great it must be to stand in the middle of this band, it kills me from where I stand (cannot sit down).

    Enjoy your break,

    Jerry Joplin

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