September 2011 Newsletter

Here’s the September 2011 newsletter … click here to view it in its full form, or read the abbreviated version below!

Hi folks!

It’s late in September, and this means it’s post-Winfield. This time of year feels like a turning point, as Winfield is such a heartfelt reunion and kind of an anniversary for us. In 1996, Phil, Ike, and myself went on Stage 5 in the campgrounds to perform this brand new stuff (to us), the beginnings of a new band. We didn’t even have a name yet so we scrambled and agreed on “High Strung String Band” – although our performance looks more like we should have called ourselves “Excited but Nervous New Band”. Despite those early nerves, we were having so much fun starting this new project. Early fans from that first Winfield made us feel like we should keep on working. So we did. And fifteen years later, we played our 11th Walnut Valley Festival. And we still felt excited (though maybe not as nervous), and we still felt so much encouragement and support from all the fans. Thanks, WVF. All the staff, crew, and volunteers deserve a great big thanks. And all you fans, know that we brag about you all around the world.

So now we move on into Autumn… October brings a new string of live performance dates (see full tour schedule here), starting with a hometown throwdown! This is a continued run to support our 2011 self-titled new album release.

We’re loving the radio play and fan feedback about all the different material on this recording. You can check out the tune listings here and order direct from us on our website. Be sure to have a look at what critics are saying about it in the right hand column of this newsletter.

Drop us a line any time on our new website… or just simply respond to this email – we love hearing from you!

Thanks always for your support, and we’ll see ya down the road!

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