The Shed – a great little place in England

We had a really cool gig in a really tiny place earlier this year, during our Jan/Feb UK tour. We played The Shed Session, in the Somerset countryside, in a lovely part of England. The session gets captured forever by a digital camera. Not a video camera… a photo camera. Yep, the sound too. And guess what? It sounds and looks really cool!

Check out a song from our session

So The Shed unfortunately got a case of woodworm. We donated a track to a compilation album that they have produced, to raise funds to restore the wormy damage.

Here’s a link to the CD info page on The Shed’s site.

We want to see The Shed continue great coverage of all kinds of creative musical artists – it was one of our favorite stops on the whole tour.

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  1. body

    What a great blog Ike…thanks so much for writing that.

    We will miss the Wilder’s, but we can also understand you taking a “hiatus.”

    Whatever 2012 holds for you all, we hope it will be a good year for you.

    Love and hugs,

    Norm and Betty Wade

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