Free Dirt releases “The Wilders”, by The Wilders!

Folks, we are so excited. Our new album is officially released this Tuesday, June 21! But… you can order it now on our site! Check out the Merchandise page, cause it’s there right now!

We made the album right here in Kansas City… Chad Meise engineered it, Phil Wade produced it, Paul Andrews took the photos for it, Free Dirt Records released it, all after we spent over a year working on it to hopefully make our best album yet.

The BBC got to play it first. We released it in the UK ahead of the US release, because we did a big six week tour there this spring (thanks all of y’all in the UK for making it such a memorable time). We had a great response from fans in the UK who came to see us at shows after buying it.

Some of our local stations have been spinning it already: KTBG, KANU, KKFI… we appreciate the local love.

Tim Finn of the Kansas City Star had some good things to say about it:

It does have some challenging material on it – including a few minor 4-letter words on a couple songs. That’s a disclosure just in case it concerns you. It has drums again on some songs, and some electric guitars and bass. And glockenspiel (a first for a Wilders album). It’s also got Ike’s guitar that you love, Nate’s hard-hitting bass, Phil’s full sound on that dobro, banjo, and more mandolin sweetness, and Betse’s fiddle that goes from a whisper to a scream. It’s got all of us singing, including a song with Nate’s lead and one with Betse’s lead. It’s all original material written by us (plus one written by our Rural Grit friend Pat Frazier). It’s us. It’s The Wilders.

We want to know what you think about it. Drop us a line here once you’ve heard it.

Wilders love you!

7 Replies to “Free Dirt releases “The Wilders”, by The Wilders!”

  1. in the moment i have not the time for translating all the new great informations here, but i would like to say something:
    yes, i missed painly the old website from the Wilders, but i see that the new one was getting a style which is really great also!! – like the old, but total different to the new!!! – so now i can say:
    i´m not more missing the old website painful – i have and hold it in my heart and minds and enjoy very much the new website AND yes, it was the right time for the new website.
    Congratulation from me to the Wilders!!!

  2. everyone know that life can be not easy …. i think the thinking about is important of all, then the rest can come with the time ….. however – since i met the Wilders, the Wilders and their music and all around moved a lot with me ….
    This week i handled an information – which was by the first looking not so nice – in a good way …. soooooo today i made a special little rest, took before the cd “broken pieces” in the cd-player, laid my head on a pillow and enjoyed the music very deep as the Wilders started with “get up kid” ….. that song to hear by that rest, that was great! So great that i can´t wait till the song was ready that then i can ordered the brand new cd ! and now i did it!!
    happy greetings to you all here!!!

  3. upps, saw just now quick the last sentence from Betse on this page, that the Wilders love us! – Hey, i believe that blind and believe that unbelievable many people love you too!! and here is one of them = me — so:
    Hey Wilders! I love you too !

  4. OMG! You know your listening to something great when you pop the CD in your car’s player, mindlessly put the car in drive, start down the road and before the first song is over you have to pull off the road because the music is so awesome it is dangerous to listen and drive simultaneously. Too much talent for words so I won’t even try. Can’t wait for the tour later this summer.

  5. WOW – what a greeeaaaaaat idea the video post is!!!!!!! – so nice to hear and see you Betse!!!
    hey and Ike ! – prettyyyyy coooooool eyeglasses !!!
    and Nate ! – a very fine shirt and you have the rrrrrrrhythm !!!
    ha, ha and Phil ! – your eyesgym – sooooooo funny !!!
    ooooooooooh i miss youuuuuuuu all, but so great to have internet and your CDs !!!
    have a great time !!!

  6. you guys were AMAZING at the Targhee Bluegrass Fest. just bought the new album. come back! i was the one shooting stills in the front row. they are yours if you want them: em me. HP

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