The new album coming June 21, 2011!

It’s true, our new eponymous album will be hitting the streets worldwide on June 21! Check back here frequently for more updates, more info coming soon!

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  1. YES ! – the new album!!! – can´t hardly wait – looking forward it – BE HAPPYYYYYYYY …… and the new outfit from Betse – i like it. Also i like all the dear comments on that blog ….. glad that the Wilders meet all the dear folkies ….. glad that the folkies like the dear Wilders ……

  2. forgot to say: even more can´t hardly wait for the new album, because i hope “god made me a little crazy” is on it …. because then i can play it more easy again and again and again … of course i love the last vinyl and still glad about and love all the wilders songs …. but till in eternity “hey little darlin´” will be my favorite song all over the world …. o.k. i will stop talking now …. but by the way, my motherlanguage is not english (i know that is a pity), so can i looking forward in the next 20 years with some lyrics from the Wilder´s songs??? …. o.k. i will see and will be have patience … take your time and take care … have a good time !

    1. Hi Jutta – God Made Me is not on the new album, because it’s all new songs! Though you have heard some of them before. Now that vinyl came with a download instruction – an extra piece of paper inside. Download it and then you can listen to it without the record player! If you do not have the instruction, let us know and we will make it right for you.

      Always good to hear from you and your English is Very Good!

  3. hi, hi Betse!
    here a special hug for you because your lines!
    I remember on an extra piece of paper …. i will look for.
    Thank you for your help!
    huuuuuuuuug – juuuuuu….

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