6 weeks in the UK

Hey y’all, we’re all sleeping 20 hours a day to get ready for our big thrilling tour all over the UK…! Just kidding, we just wish we were sleeping that much. We’re starting off in the Shetland Islands – wow, can’t believe we get to go there! Then going around Scotland, good places in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and dropping by Wales before heading into England. We finish up at the Bath International Festival – last year we kicked off the festival, this year we will be helping to wrap it up!

Can’t wait to see familiar places & faces – and there’s always room for new friends in the Wilders club!

And hey… did you know we have a kicking new album coming out? It’s so very personal and shows a whole new level of what The Wilders is all about.

Or aboot, depending on where you live!

See some of ya soon… and American friends, we’re coming to see some of you this summer/fall, too! Stay tuned…

10 Replies to “6 weeks in the UK”

  1. saw-wheeeet! we can’t wait to see you again this year at the targhee bluegrass fest. we bought all of your cd’s last time… so there will be a new one this time?!
    have a great tour.

    1. Hello Wilders
      Party of 5 looking forward to seeing you again in Inverness tomorrow…can’t wait to get the new album. Can’t wait to hear Ike sing ‘This Old Town’…but don’t forget to do ‘Hey Little Darling’ for us too 🙂
      Have a great tour. See you soon.

  2. The new cd is really very good – i love it!
    By the way, Betse, your cd is a very special also. Before i bought i thought may too much fiddle, but not the way: from the cover till every song (by the 6. i must cry the first time, ´cause such a magic atmosphere your singing … wonderful) … also the escort from the guitar in some parts and the piano! I´m glad to have it – would not like to miss it in my collection.
    Hey Wilder, i love the pictures on your welcome page inclusive the rubber boots ! …. see the Wilders are wiiiiiiiiiiiiiild!!! …. energyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy …….

  3. hey!
    saw you guys in shetland and i absolutely loved u! also phil stayed at my grannys house when u came up to shetland u no john and muriel? well bye!!!!

    lots of luv libbyx

  4. One of the best nights I’ve had in Howden park Livingston, c’mon the Wilders !
    come back to Scotland soon- I WILL BE THERE !!

  5. Wonderful show in the Seamus Ennis Centre last night. It’s a lovely, intimate venue and was just perfect for meeting the band before, during and after the show. Best gig we have been to in a long, long time. Looking forward to seeing you all again next time you are back in Ireland.

  6. Hey little darlin’s everywhere! Hope y’all had a great night in County Clare! Thanks a heap for bringing your mighty music to Scotland and Ireland, talk about “Bringin’ It All Back Home”!!! Fabulous gig in Ardara County Donegal the other night, great stuff indeed! Just listening to your latest album here, “The Wilders”, and it is very very good — ye have surpassed yourselves, folks! And it is such a thrill that, no matter how good you are on CD – and as I’ve said, ye are very, very good indeed! – ye are about 10 times better, on stage, anywhere! So thanks for bringing your mighty music to us concert-goers!And Ike — that piano playin’! Scorching! (Just like Betse’s fiddlin’ ! HUGE THANKS TO YOU ALL; please return soon! 🙂

  7. Thanks for lighting up the end of the Music Festival here in Bath last night. Blew us all away – what a great night and thanks for the wonderful set of songs and outstanding musicianship: those new songs of yours are superb! Please come back!

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