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  1. We came to your show at Saltburn by the Sea on the 13th Feb. The very last one on your UK tour. It was magnificent,so dynamic and such an atmosphere you all created. Thank you so much,you are all true musicians,comedians, and left your audience feeling that we had made new friends.

  2. Came to the gig at Kendal, Brewery arts centre, uk, brought 5 freinds.
    Awesome as always, you now have 5 new fans. Hope to see you again at Anglesey, North wales on the 29th of may.

  3. Went to your show at Eden Court-Inverness on the 3rd of May and thought it was fantastic.Hoping you are coming back next year

  4. Hi all. I’m not seeing your name at Greyfox this year and I’m hoping this is just a mistake? Love you guys and so do all greyfox people. Hopefully we will see you there.

  5. Hi guys. I am still recovering from last night’s wonderful show in the Seamus Ennis Centre, Naul, Co. Dublin. I had a grin a mile wide throughout the entire show and my foot has not stopped tapping yet. Paul Murphy and his friends are going to have a ball at the Anglesey Arms tonight. I wonder if it is too late to grab the ferry and head over. lol

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